One More Ghost

I will grow you a flower/ we will not fade away/ weakened charge by the hour/ or we can charge by the day/ watch it burst with sparks and showers/ tap tap tap on the microwave/ today

The Night I Stole Your Pen

What I can bring to you: paper, scissors and glue/ take you places/ places you’ve never been to/ take a picture of me, I’ll take a picture of you/ counting the nights until the next full moon/ you played a little game of ring toss/ without thinking about the cost/ if your paths had never crossed/ then you wouldn’t know what you’d lost

The Night You Didn't Want Any French Fries

Some friends have tried to warn me but I should add it to a list/ of wisdom I have failed to recognize in a catatonic bliss/ there are dreams I’ve tried to hold on to/ a lot of things that I’d rather forget/ in a tower full of angels on the moon/ there’s even glitter in your spit/ you can see they’re a nervous bunch/ take note of the way they twitch/ what once could have passed for endearing now only looks vacant and kitsch/ we tattered the best of intentions/ I’m surprised that it gets to you still/ we crashed through a storm of nostalgia and had to choke down a bitter pill/ you’re still here and I miss you already/ there’s a night full of stars in your eyes/ you lean up close and you whisper/ I don’t want any damn french fries

Unclose the Wiggle Box Door

Welcome to the focus free ward/ you’re never gonna’ find the right chord/ in the shallow grave you’ve been preparing/ nobody gives a shit what you’re wearing/ they say you’ll find it when you’re not trying/ but how will you see it if you can’t stop crying/ in the morning you just can’t get started/ in the night time you’s all broken hearted/ bleeding into curves/ watch it bend and swerve/ balancing your weight/ repeating someone’s name/ bleeding into me/ pretending like you don’t see/ you don’t see

Is It Too Much?

When Mr. Spider comes back home/ don’t wanna’ hear no baby talk/ snakes are hangin’ in the yard/ coyotes in the caliche pits/ did you ever stop to think, “maybe I’ll put the chocolate in my pocket”?/ I can’t hear your lies/ don’t wanna’ listen to your bullshit/ I wrote a letter to you Linda/ I wrote a letter to Lucille/ when the temperature breaks / you only feel what you want to feel/ is it too much?

Little Darlin'

Little darlin’/

Spirit Manimal

We got distracted by the flavor/ we got distracted by the peppermint peppermint/ don’t do me any favors/ peppermint was happy enough/ you never lie about nothin’/ you are cute as a button/ what would your mama say?/ she’d say, “give it back or throw it away”/ we got distracted by the flavor/ we got distracted by the peppermint peppermint/ woe is me

Secret Cigarette

Wide watery eyes/ the Marfa lights/ are barely in your sight/ blind some of the time/ it’s all right/ if dirt gets in your eyes/ it’s not unlike a wish/ you’re already rich/ in your heart and mind/ alive in overdrive/ we struggle and strive/ to find a tie that binds/ I can’t feel you anymore/ I’m the one that closed the door

Keep the Creep

What if your life was not a movie?/ and you were not the shining star?/ I’d recommend you think about that/ but I don’t think you’ll get that far/ I’m not taking notes/ I’m not even listening/ this is not a poem/ this is not your country’s song/ keep the creep/ he never did nothing for me/ I’m not asleep/ I am waiting patiently

Learning To Talk

When I think of you/ and often times I do/ underneath the sky/ underneath the moon/ things that I won’t say/ you say with no delay/ watching you forming the words/ watching you walk away/ it’s true/ I don’t like to admit it/ how bad I went and let it get/ you are a paradigm/ I don’t believe in time/ I’m still turning the lock/ you’re still learning to talk

Remember to Breathe

I’ll try not to bottle it up inside/ maybe you could try and lose your pride/ there are hands that you have to hold/ when better stories want to get told/ sometimes it’s hard to see your face/ and no one could ever take your place/ I’ve waited far too long to say/ I love you each and every day/ I know it’s all in my head/ I have got to remember to breathe/ lying in your bed/ I know it’s all in my head

Security Blanket

Knock me over / with a feather / I’ll roll over and over and over again /rats abandon a sinking ship / I’ve got a mind to wait for it / I’ll save a spot for you my friend / oh I’ll be here until the bitter end / knock me over / with a feather / I’ll roll over and over and over again / water’s rising fast in here / clouds circling up above / there’s no need for fear my dear / just rely on the buoyancy of our love